Design Team: Sunghyun Ahn, Yeongyeong Hong, Jongwoong Baek, Jiseon Heo
Design Period: 2016.4 ~ 2016.6
Client: Suncheon Art Platform
Task: Competition
Type: Art, Culture, Community
Location: Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

A ‘Common Bubble’ containing the boundary elements of the city.

Common Bubble represents a challenge to propose an alternative to the block-based development of large plots of land: to conventional methods of urban development, in other words. The project aims for horizontality rather than verticality, and for small-scale clusters rather than a monolithic landmark, taking the revitalisation of international exchange and the building of links connections with local communities as its principal objectives. Common Bubble begins with a stance of respect for the memories and contexts of the conventional city. It constitutes a unified platform, rather than a series of independent blocks, without boundaries between public spaces such as squares, and roads. The development is designed to induce an unbroken flow of human movement.

To this end, Common Bubble retains the overall framework of the site, comprising the main stadium and principal entrances while newly designed bubble spaces serve to replace other existing buildings or are located between existing structures. The individual bubbles maintain their respective domains, located a certain distance from each other, while ‘stations’ functioning as connecting spaces are inserted between them. The clusters of bubble spaces and stations linking them are spatial devices that create an open cultural community, enabling the huge Jamsil Sports Complex site to take on the more everyday character of a space of rest and recreation, rather than simply a sports and commercial complex.