Shadow Play

Shadow Play is a kinetic, shifting folly within Socrates Sculpture Park activated by wind, light and the changing of the seasons. Engaging sight, sound and touch; the folly is both an architectural space and a musical instrument within the park. The main torus-shaped enclosure of the folly is delineated by a ring of arched tubes. Along each frame are arrayed a series of ‘cymbal’ plates that produce resonance as the arched frame is set in motion by visitors or shaken by the wind. The cymbal plates create unique shadow qualities below and make the interior of the folly and the immediate surroundings a canvas of changing light and shadow capturing natural phenomena. Together, Shadow Play invites visitors to join in a social performance that grafts a new auditory and perceptual layer onto Socrates Park.

Design Team: Temporal Tactics
(Jangwon Choi, Jiwoo Park)

Design Period: 2013.12
Client: The Architectural League of New York(Call for Proposals_Folly 2013)
Task: Competition
Type: Pavillion
Location: New York, United States