Suncheon Art Platform(SAP)

THE CLOUD: new station for cultural and social integration by blurring boundaries

Suncheon aspires to build on its image as an historic city, using culture and the arts to greater environmental and cultural benefits for its inhabitants. Suncheon Art Platform(SAP) is to be built at the site of the southern gate of the old city fortress. A central element in the city's urban regeneration project, SAP is planned in order to uncover forgotten historical features in the area and to function as a hub bringing together civic amenities in fields such as the arts and leisure.

THE CLOUD becomes a new station for cultural and social integration.With a sunken square at its center, it will provide three-dimensional links between ground-level traffic, an underground mall and the area along the bank of the nearby stream, providing users of various ages with a space to enjoy culture and art as part of daily life. Intersecting public open spaces and landscaped features will improve accessibility while enabling a variety of spatial experiences. THE CLOUD signifies a new, 21st-century intellectual topography, laid over the existing topography of the site to provide a foundation for cultural exchange and revitalization of the old city.

Design Period: 2016.4 ~ 2016.6
Client: Suncheon Art Platform
Task: Competition
Type: Art, Culture, Community
Location: Gyeonggi Province, South Korea